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Ongoing projects

The impact of NSSI on peers of those who self-injure

As many as 1 in 5 university students engage in non-suicidal self-injury - the direct and deliberate damage to body tissue without suicidal intent (e.g., cutting, self-battery). While there are many resources to help people who self-injure there is not much support for people who care for and support people who self-injure. We are seeking information from people who know someone who self-injures regarding their thoughts about self-injury, their experiences of knowing someone who self-injures, the impact self-injury has had on their relationship, and what kind of support they would find helpful. The information collected will be used to help us understand the impact of self-injury on peers of those who self-injure. Any university student who knows someone who self-injures and is fluent in either English or Dutch, may participate in this study. 

Link to Dutch survey
Link to English survey

Educator’s Experience of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Elementary schools

Evidence demonstrates that NSSI is present in elementary schools; however, there is little information about school personnel’s knowledge of NSSI, and experience working with students who engage in NSSI. A better understanding of this will allow for a clearer picture of how elementary school staff may be better supported to deal with this issue in schools. This study will provide information on how initiatives may better aid school staff to support elementary school students who engage in self-injury by furthering our understanding of school personnel’s knowledge and experience working with students who engage in self-injury. Anyone who works at an elementary school (teachers, counselors,...), aside directive staff, can participate in this study. 

[Link to survey will be added soon]


Ongoing PhD projects

  • Lydia Castiglion: 'Self-compassion for parents of teens' - Co-supervised by Dr. Imke Baetens (VUB, Belgium), Prof. Theuns (VUB, Belgium), and Dr. Janis Whitlock (Cornell University, USA)
  • Alexandra Staniland: 'Stigma and NSSI' - Co-supervised by Prof. Hasking (Curtin University, Australia), Dr. Mark Boyes (Curtin University) and Prof. Lewis (University of Guelph, Canada)

Interested in participating in future research?

Ongoing research is vital to our efforts to better understand NSSI and provide assistance to people who self-injure, and those who care for them. Please leave your email address here so we can invite you to participate in future research. It will only be used to send a recruitment mail to and will not be shared with third parties.