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  • Whitlock, J., & Lloyd-Richardson, E. (2019). Healing self-injury: A compassionate guide for parents and other loved ones. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. More info
  • De Ambrassade (2012). Zelfverwonding. Anders omgaan met negatieve gevoelens [Dutch brochure]. Brussels, Belgium: De Ambrassade. [pdf fileBrochure Zelfverwonding (906 KB)]

  • Nock, M. (2009). Understanding nonsuicidal self-injury: Origins, assessment, and treatment (Ed.). Washington, WA: American Psychological Association. More info

  • Favazza, A. (1996). Bodies under siege: Self-mutilation and body modification in culture and psychiatry. Maryland, MA: John Hopkins University Press. More info

Documentary - The Silent Epidemic

The Silent Epidemic is an Australian documentary about the new ways science is finding to battle NSSI, which affects over 200,000 Australians every month. Watch this four-part documentary by clicking on the images below.