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Picture of Peter Franz

Peter Franz

PhD student, Student representatives


PeterĀ is a PhD student in the Nock Lab at Harvard University. His research interests revolve around understanding why people engage in harmful behavior, such as non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and suicidal thinking. His program of research has two primary arms. In the first, he uses behavioral paradigms and measures of physiology to understand why people might choose to harm themselves when they are experiencing emotional distress. In the second arm of his research program, he uses natural language processing tools to better understand how discussions of suicide and NSSI on the internet might be associated with risk for engaging in these behaviors. Peter is also a trainee in preparation for licensure as a Clinical Psychologist. Clinically, he has worked primarily with teenagers, young adults, and families experiencing challenges with suicide, NSSI, eating disorders, and trauma.


Department of Psychology, Harvard University (MA, USA)